Who and
what we do

CA Construction Management offer developers, project managers, contractors and potential homeowners an array of project management solutions tailored to suit your needs, extending throughout the complete development and construction process to achieve effective solutions and beneficial outcomes.

The solutions we provide are founded on experience within the industry wherein we have been involved in completing a diverse array of building projects, engaged under an extensive suite of contractual arrangements and within metropolitan and regional areas throughout New South Wales, Queensland and into Victoria.

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Building and developing under exposure to Australian Standard contracts, as well as bespoke project specific arrangements, Master Builders and Housing Industry association agreements, we have the ability to offer our extensive knowledge base to all parties within the building process to negotiate and manage the whole process of your development or building works. We manage remote projects and those “just around the corner”, as our experience provides us with the know-how and skill set to suit any application. We provide close scrutiny upon all facets of the development, managing contractors from procurement through to completion. We strive to deliver exceptional results for our clients in resolving complex issues within development and construction projects, as well as ensuring the regular building operations are completed with the skill expected from our clients. Our belief is that communication is the key to success and we will work closely with you to understand and implement the processes to achieve the outcome you desire.
About our Director, Craig Adams

Involvement within the building and development industry for over 34 years’, our director Craig Adams, has had involvement in development and construction projects, employed within construction contracting businesses operating in the mid and top tiers of the industry, as well as providing management services to developers undertaking residential subdivisions and extending to providing advice to Castrikum Adams Legal on matters pertaining to building and development.

Craig has undertaken roles that commenced with contracts administration, progressing through project management, project director and construction manager, his knowledge provides you with cost and time benefits that drive productivity, profitability and successful project outcomes.

Project involvement has varied throughout Craig’s career, managing construction projects valued from $100,000 to $120 million, diversified across many sectors including complex retail and bulky goods centres, aged care residential and respite facilities, commercial office construction, educational facilities, emergency service and health facilities, sporting facilities, affordable housing, multi storey and low rise residential developments.

Under the banner of CA Construction Management, Craig’s experience has provided the guidance for developers to create residential land subdivisions at Gympie, Toowoomba, Wollongbar, Goonellabah, Ipswich and Beaudesert. The residential subdivisions are commenced at land purchase due diligence, determining the extent of work required and the ability for the development to yield a balance between quality and extent of residential allotments. Craig manages the Authority submissions, consultant documentation process, contractor procurement, completion processes, facilitates real estate agents & sales, as well as works closely with the solicitors and surveyors to achieve land registration.

Craig’s industry involvement incorporates all facets of the development and building process, from conceptual considerations in land development, design consultant management & review, procurement of consultants and contractors, contracts management for both Principal’s and Contractors, to ensuring completion of projects were managed for compliance of contractual obligations and Authority requirements.

Let Craig handle your development or building project and you will be provided with the highest quality of service and achieve successful outcomes.

Our services

  • Complete development and construction process

    We can guide you through the complete process for all types of development and construction projects. From conception to completion, we provide project management services that allow for effective solutions and beneficial outcomes.

    Our involvement in your project can include the following:

    • Due diligence on land purchase, including financial feasibility, extent of lot yield from the land, type of construction and dwellings able to be created in built form and Authority engagement on rezoning and approval processes.
    • Procurement and contractual engagement of design consultants to create reports and documentation for all forms of development. Our knowledge to engage with reputable consultants, who are proactive in the production of both concept and detailed documentation, provides the client with outcomes that lead to successful projects.
    • Documentation review prior to and during the process of Authority submissions, be that to Council, state planning bodies, local electrical and water authorities, as well as land title registration with the various state titles offices.
    • Procurement and contractual arrangements with builders and contractors, for the benefit of construction of all types of buildings, or in the case of subdivisions we manage the process of civil construction.
    • Project planning, programming and methodology of construction is often beneficial to the client or the contractor, depending upon the contracting arrangements, and we have extensive experience in developing methodology and programs for all types of buildings.
    • At completion, we manage Authority inspections for the works, the facilitation of all completion documentation, including survey plans, easement documentation, Authority completion matrix, Council and titles submissions. After submission, we proactively seek approvals from the Authority to achieve a final outcome, that includes land ready for sale and building upon, as well as occupation certificates to allow owners to occupy their house, factory or commercial space.
  • Design management, Authority submissions and Approvals

    As part of the services CA Construction Management offers, we are able to arrange the design consultants for your project, engaging and facilitating their activities, leading to Authority submissions and procuring approvals.

    • Engagement of the right consultant for your development is very important in this market, as they can produce a product that can be cost effective, as well as of a quality that provides future value. We endeavour to engage consultants that are suited to the type of work the client is aiming to deliver. We will provide you with options and arrange for scopes to be produced, ensuring the engagement of the design consultant will lead to the best outcome for the client.
    • Once a design is developed, we carefully review the content to ensure it falls within the brief of the client, as well as review against the relevant legislative framework, such as Planning schemes and development control plans of the Authority.
    • Following review, we are involved in the Authority submission, ensuring all documentation is provided in submissions, along with facilitating engagement with the decision makers, be those in local councils’, planning bodies, or services providers.
    • Our goal is to achieve an approval form the Authority at the earliest possible time, allowing your project to commence on the ground, as soon as possible. Early commencement will lead to completion and successful occupation and settlements.
  • We complete a diverse array of projects

    Our knowledge extends across all facets of the industry, and we have been involved in the management of developments. What can we complete for you is only dependant upon the development you have in mind.

    We have been involved in developments such as:

    • Retail shopping centre construction
    • Residential apartment development and construction, from 3 storey walk-up’s to multi-level multi-unit buildings, ranging in value from $0.5m to $100m.
    • Commercial office construction
    • Medical centre, health facilities and hospital construction
    • Residential subdivisions, varying from 1 into 2 lots, up to multiple lot development resulting on overall development yield of 100 lots.
    • Residential dwelling construction
    • Industrial factory unit developments
    • Multi-level hotel developments
    • Our experience includes dealing with disputes within building contracts, including security of payments applications, and defective works, as well as contractual matters involving variations and programming.

    We have experience in mediation, arbitration matters, as well as land and environment court action, for when the matter does reach the adversarial stage and needs the third party to resolve.

    Your project will receive the same level of expertise and guidance, no matter the size or value, providing you with the ultimate outcome that can be produced.

  • We deliver exceptional results by seeking and resolving complex issues

    At CA Construction Management we delve into the detail and intricacies of your project, to resolve issues that may require detailed investigation and technical ability. Our knowledge and experience allows us to engage with experts in their field, as well as researching matters to resolve those before they become adversarial in nature or too difficult to build in the form intended.

    We work in collaboration with a team of solicitors, Castrikum Adams Legal, to review the difficulties that may arise in construction and developments contracts, as well as achieving land sales for developers.

    Delivering the beneficial and ultimately desired outcome is our goal.